Organisation of the BDA

The British Dragon Boat Racing Association (BDA) is the UK governing body for dragon boat racing as a sport and recreation, recognised by the UK Sports Council. The membership of the BDA consists of Registered Crew Members, Individual Members and Associate Members. The British Dragon Boat Racing Association is registered in England as a company by guarantee without share capital, registered number 2697195.

The BDA controls the sport through its Executive Committee and Council, which consists of BDA Members' representatives. The sport is managed by the elected members of the Executive Committee and where established, the Divisional, Regional and Area committees. This committee structure is supported by a voluntary Secretariat and appointed officials (Coaching Organisers, Sports Co-ordinators) who administer the affairs of the Association on a day to day basis.

The BDA Executive Committee is responsible for the policy, organisation and administration of the sport, at UK level, and for the selection of British crews competing abroad. Without prejudice to its overall control, the BDA Executive pursues a policy of devolving the actual running of its non-national events to its own Event Organising arm called Dragon Essence and to local groups. The BDA Executive retains central co-ordination and control of its National League, National Charity Challenge and National Cup Competitions.

As a National Governing Body, the BDA is a member of both the IDBF and EDBF. In the UK, where Divisional, Regional or Area committees exist, the organisation of the sport becomes the responsibility of the committee concerned. Divisional Committees are responsible for their own Championship events and local races; the development of the sport in their areas and the selection of Representative crews. A Division is represented on the BDA Executive through its Chairholder.