Improving our communication

When I was voted onto the Exec last year, one thing I personally wanted to improve was the communication with our members. We are now ready to launch a couple of new developments that should help improve communications.


Firstly, there is now an RSS newsfeed that you can subscribe to. Just enter www.dragonboat.org.uk/newsfeed in your favourite RSS reader app. You will then get all the important BDA news directly to your phone, tablet or PC.


Secondly, there is now a dedicated email address, news@dragonboat.org.uk, for sending any newsworthy dragon boat related stories or any other information to the webmaster so they can be added to the website for the benefit of everyone else. So if you want to publicise an event you are running or let us know about anything else related to your clubs or a dragon boat related news story, drop an email to news@dragonboat.org.uk with the details.