National League Entry Fees for 2017

With the additional classes for 2017 the entry fees are a little more complicated but I will try to make it as simple as possible for you now. The entry form and crew lists on the website have both now been updated.


For BDA Registered Crews:-


The basic entry fee of £175 for a large boat for the main event 20 paddler Open racing stands as in previous years.

In additon to this, also entering a crew in the S12 Ladies class is £30 as is a crew in the new S12 Open class, but enter both classes and it is only £45 for both.


If you don't have your own crew entered for 20 paddler Open racing, you could enter the S12 Open Class as your own crew for just £75 while still paddling with other crews in the main event 20 paddler Open racing.


The standard 26 name crew sheet remains for the full boat 20 paddler racing, the S12 Ladies & S12 Open classes can have their own 14 name crew list so you could have crew members racing only in S12 Ladies or S12 Open without compromising your main 26 name crew list.


BDA Junior Crews race fee free including a boat.


Pool boats will remain at £150 if sourced through the BDA. We need to know on your entry form that a pool boat is required so one can be sourced for you.