Notice of AGM & Voting

The 23rd Annual General Meeting of the BDA Ltd is to be held on Saturday 24th March 2018 at Worcester University, commencing at 4pm.


The formal notice of the AGM has been updated to include nominations received, it can be viewed or downloaded here.


There have been 5 member nominations received. A personal statement/resume for those nominated members can be viewed or downloaded below.


Chris Bailey

Dave Bangs

Ian Bowers

Andrew Menzies

Tim Smith


 There are 4 member positions available on the Executive Committee.


You can vote in person if you are attending the AGM on 24th March, or you can vote by post or email. Postal/email votes should be returned to the secretary, Dave Cogswell, at the postal address on the voting form or emailed to secretary@thebda.org.uk.


The postal voting form can be downloaded in pdf or xls format, whichever is easier for you.


All postal or email votes MUST be received by the secretary no later than 23rd March 2018.