Paddler Survey deadline has been extended

We are aware of a few issues with the paddler survey where, even though we have emailed the correct address, it is being reported to us as having not been received.


Now there are a whole host of reasons why this may occur, most probably due to slightly over aggresive spam filtering.


In order for everyone to have their voice heard we have decided to extend the closing deadline for the survey until 5pm on the 16th April and to provide you with the link to access it.


You will need your BDA number during the survey to validate your entry.


The link you need is https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/bdasurvey16


The survey is linked to your email address and can only be completed once regardless of how you access it, either from an email sent to you or through the direct link above. So if you have aleady completed one it won't allow you to complete another.