Stockton National League Race Prizegiving Comment

Unfortunately I was not able to be in Stockton but I understand that it was a fine curtain opener for this years National League. A little birdie also told me that one team chose not to attend the prize giving as they didn't place, even though they were still on site and some of their crew members stayed overnight in Stockton.


That they did not come to the prize giving came across as very poor sportsmanship and not in the spirit of Dragon Boating. Comments about their non appearance were made by a number of people.


It is well understood that crews need to get away to travel home after a race but Exe-Calibre for example, stayed and they had the longest journey home and other teams who did not win prizes also stayed to congratulate the prize winners.  If only the prize winners bothered to stay for the prize giving it would be a very sorry state of affairs.


Whilst it is not a specific requirement for Teams to attend a prize giving (even the winners) it is expected that at least a representative or two from every Club racing, will take the time to attend as a way of showing their respect for the efforts of others, even those that haven't won a prize, which is usually the majority of the Teams, so let us all make sure that for every NL Race all the competing Clubs are represented at the prize giving. 


"Think not what your Sport can do for you but what you can do for your Sport".


Mike MacKeddie-Haslam

BDA Founder & President

Acting BDA Chairman