Wraysbury Event Update & Thanks

"Wraysbury is always a busy event, and it was nice  to see good team work, good sportsmanship and great competition throughout the day. 


It was fantastic to see Pink Champagne cheered across the finish line after 5km's of paddling, and St Neots lending Purple Warriors their boats too.


It was awesome to see Purple Warriors, as they were en-route to competing in Hong Kong.


We were also honoured by visit of the Dunhuang Culture Promotion Foundation and would like to thank them for their generosity.


I would also like to thank the host club Wraysbury for their hard work and effort that made it a great day."


Ed Swaris, National League co-ordinator.


The league tables have been updated with the results from Wraysbury and the full set of results and the worksheet are available for download from the 2017 League Results page.


Any queries or questions, please let me know,


Neil Pickles, Webmaster, neil.pickles@thebda.org.uk.