League Tables

BDA Registered Clubs have historically been divided into two divisions, Premier & Standard, with promotion & relegation between the two divisions based on a clubs relative performance during the racing season.

These two divisions form the basis for the Club Competition which is a new formula for 2018.

Also newly re-arranged for 2018 are the 4 racing leagues, Open, Mixed, Womens & Juniors.

All leagues are for full size boats, Open & Mixed for 20 paddlers and Womens & Juniors are for a maximum of 14 paddlers per boat.

BDA registered clubs are free to register as many crews as they wish to race during the season. Womens or Junior crews would enter the respective Womens or Junior league races. Open crews would enter the Open league competition and Mixed crews would choose whether they enter the Mixed league competition or the Open league competition.

For 2018 we have chosen to adopt the 10/10 mixed crew ratio rule, where you can have a maximum of 10 paddlers of either gender.