BDA Individual Membership

Individual Membership of the Association is open to anyone, competitor or not, who supports the objectives and aims of the Association, irrespective of whether they are part of a BDA Member Crew or Associate Organisation. However, Crew or Associate Member Representatives holding Voting Rights on behalf of that Member cannot claim Individual Members’ Rights at the same Meeting.

Full Individual Members are entitled to all the benefits of Membership and have Voting Rights at formal Meetings of the Association, except where matters involving a change to the BDA Constitution are concerned. Only Crew Representatives can vote on Constitutional matters. BDA Individual Membership is divided into two classes:-

Full Individual Membership
Junior Individual Membership

Once you have registered to our BDA Digital Membership Platform you have the option to purchase individual Membership and will be offered either full or junior depending on your date of birth.

Full Individual Membership

BDA Full Individual Membership is for those who are committed to the sport. They receive Public and Personal Insurance cover, BDA Publications, Voting Rights and Representation Rights, plus discounts on BDA Merchandise and Services. Full Individual Membership is compulsory for BDA Licensed Race Organisers, Chief Officials, Technical Race Officials including trainees, Coaches, members of the Coaching Scheme who hold either a Basic or Advanced Helm Certificate, members of the BNTS and GB Squad, and Elected Members of the BDA Executive Committee. It is not linked to Crew Membership.

Full Individual Membership entitles the member to speak and vote at BDA General Meetings. Full Individual Members, if they are also nominated for another BDA Membership category, e.g. as a Crew Representative, are only allowed to speak and vote in one capacity.

Cost for the current season is £35.00 per person per year.

Junior Individual Membership

We have an Insurance Q&A Document that should answer any questions you have about the insurance provided through your membership.

To join the BDA as an individual member, please register on our BDA Digital Membership Platform and purchase your membership through the site.

Register with the BDA or buy/renew your membership through our new platform:

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