BDA AGM - Committee Voting

Friday 27 March

The BDA AGM is scheduled to take place on the 4th April. Despite the Coronavirus/COVID-19 situation we are still going ahead, but will move to a virtual meeting.

Details on accessing the AGM virtually are here.

More information on our current Coronavirus advice is available here.

This year we need to elect new BDA Executive Committee members and also the BDA Chairman. An online voting form will be sent out to each member we have on record asking that you vote for the candidates you wish to join the executive committee.

1. These are the candidates nominated for the Executive member positions and their respective resume supporting their nominations

Chris Bailey (Kingston Royals DBC)

Dave Bangs (Amathus DBC)

Tim Smith (Thames DBC)

2. We also need to elect a Chairman this year, We have one nomination

Neil Pickles (Notts Anaconda DBC)

If you don't receive an online voting form to the email address we have on file for you by 2nd April, please contact us.