NEW Grand Dragon paddler?

Tuesday 18 September

If you are 50 or above in the year of competition, you will be eligible for the Grand Dragons in 2019.

So, if you were you born in 1969 or before, you qualify. 

The Grand Dragons started a 2-year cycle in 2017 heading towards the World Nations Championships 2019.

Following a successful campaign in Brandenburg at the European Championships in August, we are now working towards the Worlds in Thailand next year.

To begin that process for this season, we will be running pre time trials on the canal at Batchworth, behind Troy Lake in Rickmansworth.

How will this work?

You will see below that we are setting a minimum standard.

ONLY new paddlers or those paddlers not selected in the crew for 2018, will be required to undertake a pre-time trial.

The course is approximately 400 meters long and the time we are looking for paddlers to complete their 2 runs is as follows:

  • Men should be able to complete 2 x sub 2:32 mins on each run for a combined total time of 5:04 mins or less
  • Women should be able to complete 2 x sub 2:47 mins on each run for a combined total time of 5:34 mins or less

Following this time trial which will be held on 20th October 2018, paddlers who meet the required times will be invited to attend the Grand Dragons BNTS sessions, being held on the 3rd November at Wraysbury.

There will be a small charge to attend this time trail of about £3 per person.

Paddlers wishing to attend this time trial must notify us of their intention to trial by Saturday, 13 October at the latest and to this email address:

Entries on the day will not be permitted. The team selection time trials to be held in early 2019, will of course be open to everyone of qualifying age.

With Thailand approaching next year, we are looking to push the squad to a new level and develop crews that can compete against the best in the World.

All the best for the new season and remember Gary Players quote, “the harder I work the luckier I get”

Ian and Vaughn