Grands BNTS Dates

Wednesday 21 September

Following the Grands' Senior B & C successes at the 2022 European Nations, the campaign leading to the 2023 World Championships is due to start shortly. Our aim is to build on these European successes and take the GB Senior B & C squads to the required standard to compete competitively on the world stage. 


The Grands will be holding BNTS sessions on the following dates in 2022 :


Saturday. 15 October - newbies only

Saturday 29 October

Saturday 12 November

Saturday 10 December


All training will take place at the home of Wraysbury Dragons.


Please note that the BNTS session on Saturday, 15 October is for "newbies" only i.e. paddlers who have no experience or less than one year's experience of training with the Grands. Any paddler must be at least 50 in 2023 and have a minimum of one year's dragon boat paddling at club level. This session will be to inform and demonstrate to paddlers the standard of paddling and fitness that is expected when attending a Grands BNTS session. The day will include land based training as well as paddling. Paddlers wishing to attend this BNTS session should contact us at


Shortly after this first BNTS session, paddlers meeting the required standard, together with existing Grands paddlers, will be invited to attend the subsequent BNTS sessions planned for 2022.


Vaughn & Ian - Grands coaches