GB Coaches Selected

Monday 23 October

GB Coaches Selected for 2024/2025

As in previous years, each squad will have its own coach or coaching team. In addition, for the 2024/25 campaign we have created a new role of ‘director of performance’. This role will span all the GB squads, with the director of performance working closely with all the GB coaches to develop a collaborative approach and help to increase performance across the board.

Neil Pickles, BDA Chairman, said: “Over the years, the GB coaching and management team has been set up in a few different ways. The BDA exec has looked closely at a number of options and we hope this new structure will bring more cohesion to the squads for the coming campaign, which will help make the process smoother for everyone involved and strengthen our GB teams overall.

“We apologise for any confusion caused by this change to the previously announced structure. We believe it is important to ensure the recruitment process for the GB management team is thorough and open and so when we became aware that the opportunity had not been advertised to the whole dragon boat community, the process was reopened. We are confident that the result is a strong GB leadership team that will be able to deliver competitive squads for the 2024 European and 2025 World championships.”


The full GB coaching and management team for 2024/25 is now as follows:

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If you are interested in being part of the forthcoming GB campaign, please contact the appropriate coaches for more information.