National League Dates for 2018

Friday 9 February

The following dates are confirmed for National League events for 2018.

Sunday 29th April – Liverpool

Saturday 12th May – Bristol

Sunday 27th May – Teesside

Sunday 10th June – Exeter

Saturday 30th June – Milton Keynes

Sunday 8th July – Nottingham

Sunday 29th July – Worcester

Saturday 1st September – London

22nd-23rd September – BDA National Championships, NWSC Nottingham. 

In addition to the dates above, some other dates to note are the BDA AGM which will take place on 24th March at Worcester University and the BDA Congress which will take place on 20th October.

For this season we will be updating our mixed crew ratio rule for a full size boat to ‘a maximum of 10 paddlers of either gender’. It is specifically not a 50/50 rule. So you can race with a different number of men & women, for example 10 men & 10 women, or 8 women and 10 men, or 7 men & 10 women etc., etc., but no more than 10 of each and a minimum of 16 paddlers in a full size boat.

We will also be increasing the number of paddlers for Ladies races to 14 from 12.

There are also some exciting changes to the National League format which will be shared with all the clubs shortly . . .