Race Entry Conditions & Classes

Thursday 24 May

You all know that there have been a number of changes to the leagues for 2018 for the first 2 events of the season with the 3rd this coming Sunday.

Up to now, not all the information has been available in one place so we have distilled all the race entry rules, changed or not, into a single updated Race Entry Conditions & Race Classes document so you have all the information for 2018 in one place. A big thanks to Chris Bailey for all her work on putting this document together and revising it. This document will supersedes all previous race entry rule documents.

We don’t always get things right the first time. We have listened to feedback received as well as using our own observations from having been at the events and believe we have improved things for the remainder of the season with the changes outlined in this document.

There are no massive changes but the minimum number of women in a ladies crew has been reduced to 10, with the maximum at 14.

The rules on splitting points for composite crews has also been clarified.

One final thing, when we reorganised the leagues for 2018, we had to take a bit of a guestimate as to how many crews would/could enter each class and set the maximum number of points to accommodate this possible maximum at 25. Having raced a couple of events it has become obvious to us that this was set too high, so for this reason we have reduced the maximum number of points for each league to 15 and have recalculated the league point for the previous 2 events based on this new maximum.

Any queries or questions, please let me know.

Best Regards,

Neil Pickles

BDA Chairman & Webmaster