Ladies & Mixed Racing

Friday 9 February

As part of the National League shake up for 2018, the Exec has decided to change the mixed boat make up for a 20 person boat to follow the IDBF and adopt the ‘a maximum of 10 paddlers of either gender’ ruling.

Note that it is specifically not a 50/50 rule. So you can race with a different number of men & women, for example 10 men & 10 women, or 8 women and 10 men, or 7 men & 10 women etc., etc., but no more than 10 of each and a minimum of 16 paddlers in a full size boat.

We will also be changing the maximum number of ladies in a ladies crew from 12 to 14. The long term aim is to gradually increase this as the number of ladies in the clubs increases so we end up with full Ladies crews of 20.