Return to training

Thursday 3 September

In July the BDA setup a working group to develop a plan with the Government Department of Digital, Media, Culture and Sport (DCMS) for a safe return to paddling. The plan has now been approved by DCMS.

The plan provides measures that should be taken by BDA clubs and individuals before, during and after all training activity. The plan, importantly, sets a framework for BDA clubs and individuals to understand what they need to do to plot a return to paddling when they feel they can work within the restrictions, and are comfortable doing so.

The return to dragon boat racing will be managed in five phases and requires action from both BDA clubs and individuals before they are able to return to training. The first phase begins on 1st October.

Please visit our Return to training page and specifically the Guidance for BDA Clubs and Individuals document for the actions that each of us need to take before being able to return to dragon boat training. Please note the agreed plan with the government only covers BDA member clubs.