Save the Race Dates 2021

Tuesday 18 May
With the timetable out of the Covid-19/Coronavirus restrictions still on track, and the Return to Training plan currently at PHASE THREE we felt it was time to turn some attention towards Racing for 2021.
The dates we are putting out are only tentative. There are currently a millions reasons why these events may not go ahead, but we wanted to give clubs and individuals a heads up that there is a possibility that we may have some racing, and where this is likely to be. We have held some consultation with clubs in the BDA Club Forum ( and will continue to discuss in the next one to see what clubs feel comfortable doing.
The intention is for all clubs to have the ability to race in a regional event, and then the National Championship. The aim is to try to cut down on the need to look for last minute hotels/cancel last minute hotels and to reduce, where possible, travel times for participants. Though we appreciate the locations dont make that easy for some clubs.
It is proposed that there will be:
  • 18th July: A "Southern" regatta for clubs in and around the South at the London Regatta Centre in East London *NO LONGER TAKING PLACE*.
  • 15th August: A "Northern" Regatta for clubs in and around the North at Manvers Lake in Wath-Upon-Dearne
  • 18th/19th September: A National Championship in the National Watersports Centre in Nottingham - Its possible we will look to reduce the number of races to have only a one day event