Executive Committee Meetings

The Executive Committee meets approximately every month, so 12 times a year.

We try to have 4 face to face meetings a year with the remainder of the meetings carried out via Zoom video conference, which has proven to be a very useful tool. Some of the face to face meetings are all day standalone meetings, others are at an event when we are all together, such as at Congress or the AGM.

A huge range of topics are discussed at Exec meetings, from how to deal with a specific issue we have here in the UK to what is happening to dragon boating on a world stage as well as far more mundane issues like changing our bank accounts.

The Exec Meeting minutes for 2019 are now available for your perusal below:

136th - Jan 2019

137th - Feb 2019

140th - May 2019

141st - Jun 2019

142nd - Jul 2019

143rd - Aug 2019

144th - Sep 2019

145th - Oct 2019

146th - Nov 2019

147th - Dec 2019